Mirco-Learning Modules With Measurable Impact
The Sustain3 platform is designed to educate employees about sustainability best practices, promote a commitment to take action, reward for participation, and ultimately improve employees understanding of their organizations sustainability goals and reduce operating costs.
Our platform is designed to work well on any device for on-the-go learning.
The Sustain3 approach takes into account the fact that people are busy. We have developed a comprehensive library of micro learning modules (called Learn & Earns) that cover all of the major sustainability themes. Each Learn & Earn is designed to be "digested" in five minutes or less and are published on the web portal once a week.
We take a "Theme-based" approach to accomplish these objectives. The rationale behind a theme-based approach is to focus on one sustainability topic at a time vs. an approach where sustainability topics and content are delivered randomly. This provides a rich user experience by providing context at a high level before getting into specific content for work and home.
Sample Timeline
Measurable Impact
The Sustain3 platform is designed to measure impacts your employees make to your bottom lineĀ 
Portal Features
Learn & Earn
An informative article or video on the current subject.

A short quiz to confirm the user has learned the key points of the lesson.

Call to Action
Actions deliver results and only results count! The program contains one-time actions as well as recurring actions, designed to form a new habit.

Discussion Forum
This is a very popular feature with the users and is a great way to for the building facilities folks to get direct feedback from the building occupants.
We are able to measure the financial and environmental impacts of these actions.

Email Notifications
Reminders and encouragement

Leaderboards & Competitions
Rewarding participation and positive behavior change at both the individual and team/ department level.

Platform Branding
The site will be branded with your logos and design guidelines set forth by your team.
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