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1) General Sustainability - Energy, Waste, Transportation, Water, Food

2) High Performance Buildings - LEED, Zero Net Energy, Living Buildings

3) WELL Buildings - Health & Wellness, Productivity, Innovation
An engaged workforce is your most valuable asset.

We align sustainability with your existing business priorities through employee engagement.

General Sustainability topics
  Energy Conservation
      Waste Reduction
    Alternative Transportation
    Water Conservation
       Food / Energy Nexus
Organizations with a strong culture of sustainability always out perform the competition!

Engage employees
Using a library of over 150 micro-learning modules, we will educate your employees on all areas of sustainability
Earn points by completing quizzes, challenges, and healthy competitions for individuals and teams.
Weekly activities give real-world expression to what they’ve learned and produce measurable environmental . Employees share their ideas with others.
Optimize High Performance Buildings
InHABIT is designed to turn passive occupants into active inhabitants.  You have access to an extensive library of learning modules, actions and challenges specifically designed for high performance building occupants.
WELL Building program
The Business Case is Clear
 There is a well-known rule relating to building space and expenditures that says that organizations typically spend around $3 per square foot per year for utilities, $30 for rent and $300 for payroll, otherwise known as the “3-30-300 rule”. 

 Human capital is a massive expenditure for business but it can also be seen as a significant point of savings, through productivity gains. This is where the WELL Building Standard comes in. 
Investing in People is Where the Money's at!
Because the U.S. is mostly a service economy, most companies spend less than 10% on their mortgage and utilities and 90% on personnel. The bigger investment, therefore, is in people, so creating an environment that nurtures the health and well-being of a workforce, and reduces sickness, absenteeism and healthcare costs are important.
well Building Standard
The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is designed to “focus on the people in the building”. Underpinning WELL is the notion that while the last decade has seen significant advances in better performing, greener buildings and building practices, the building inhabitants have been largely left out of the equation: until now!
The Sustain3 platform is designed to educate, inspire and activate your building occupants. Engaged occupants who understand what the WELL Building Standard is and the important role they play in it's success, is vital! 
New & Existing Buildings
Core & Shell
New & Existing Interiors
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