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Advancing the business case for sustainability.
Much like workplace safety, once your employees adopt safe habits, they take it everywhere they go. 

The same thing applies to sustainability - in the end, acting sustainable is just a way of life.

Engaged workforce impacts the bottom line
  Reduce energy costs
  Less voluntary turn-over
  More productive workforce
  Attract top talent
  More innovative workforce
Brands with a culture of sustainability and social purpose always out perform their competitors

Engage employees
Using a library of over 150 micro-learning modules, we will educate your employees on all areas of sustainability
Earn points by completing quizzes, challenges, and healthy competitions for individuals and teams.
Weekly activities give real-world expression to what they’ve learned and produce measurable environmental . Employees share their ideas with others.
Optimize High Performance Buildings
Turn passive occupants into active inhabitants.  InHABIT is our cloud-based platform designed to educate, inspire, and activate your building occupants so they fully appreciate and embrace the important role they have in the performance of their building. 
reduce utility costs
Meter Monitoring
We install devices to collect data from your meters in real-time and instantly transmit the data securely through our data center. These data collectors are compatible with all existing metering technology for electric, gas and water. 

From there, that information is beautifully presented in meaningful ways through the web and mobile visualization suite.
Plugloads and Home Metering
In addition to monitoring at the building level, we also offer circuit level, real-time submetering that allows you to track and measure plugload reduction initiatives through the Sustain3 employee engagement platform. When your employees can see the results of their collective actions, they will happily stop wasting energy and join the cause!

 We can also empower all of your employees with the same technology at home.
enhanced social purpose
Social Purpose programs can provide a competitive edge in driving corporate value.  Across industries, companies are using social purpose to rive business success in 5 key ways.  Sustain3 helps your company develop effective and efficient social purpose programs.  Sustain3 facilitates and streamlines your corporate philanthropy and community service projects.
Inspire New Market Opportunities
Attract & Retain Top Millennial Talent
Authentically Enhance Brand
Improve Regulatory Compliance
Reduce Waste Optimize Resources Streamline Supply Chain
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