Our Story
About 40 years ago companies recognized the value of ensuring a safe workplace for their people and invested heavily in workplace safety programs. About 15 years ago companies realized that an unhealthy workforce cost them millions in health care premiums and lost work days. Today, companies realize they need to be good stewards of the environment, take care of their people, and build a brand that's connected to social purpose - or they will be left behind.

Sustain3 was formed to help today's forward-thinking companies realize these goals.

Authenticity with a purpose
To help our clients and their employees eliminate unnecessary waste, and save money - both at work and at home.
 Inspire as many people as possible to adopt a lifestyle of sustainability.  
We are genuinely committed to moving the needle around social purpose and environmental stewardship. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and deliver on our promise.
A BEnefit corporation
Sustain3 is one of Utah’s Original Benefit Corporations and played a major role in passing Benefit Corporation Legislation into law in Utah.  A Benefit Corporation is a new type of business that allows for-profit entities to pursue social and environmental goals, along with their focus on maximizing profits.

Sustain3 believes that capitalism will continue to be a solution to the world’s problems in the 21st century by being more transparent and by doing more for people and planet. At Sustain3 we are not focused solely on our bottom-line. We prioritize social and environmental impact!
meet bill wilson, founder
Bill is proud to have spent the first 16 years of his professional career at Intel as a customer marketing engineer. Intel's investment in it's people, commitment to a strong company culture, it's social purpose initiatives and sustainability practices inspired Bill to form Sustain3.    

Bill's love of the outdoors fuels a passion to protect our natural resources and inspire as many people as possible to do the same.   
"Strong culture always starts at the top, but can only be achieved from the bottom up"
Bill Wilson, Founder & CEO of Sustain3
meet the team
Lindsay Walsh
Lindsay Walsh
CSM I Communications Manager
Rick McEwen
Rick McEwen
Senior Developer
Stacey Whitney
Stacey Whitney
UX and UI Design, Software
Mandi Blatt
Mandi Blatt
Research and Content Writer
Bassam Salem
Bassam Salem
Business Advisor
Nathan Holland
Animation Production Manager
Bryan Benham
Product Design and Strategy
Andrea Barnes
Andrea Barnes
Marketing and Social Impact Programs
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