Turning Passive Occupants into Active Inhabitants
Your solution to maximize results for high performance buildings
“For all of our advancements in building science, we seem to have forgotten a most valuable link to success: marrying the ongoing maintenance of complex buildings with the even more complex psychology of human beings”
- Journal of the American Institute of Architects

The marketplace expects that high performance buildings will inherently use less energy, be healthier, and create less waste, but this expectation overlooks the critical impact that the people who occupy a building have on environmental performance.
Case study
 Arch|Nexus SAC earned LEED NC v4 Platinum in record time
 The building produces more energy than predicted
 The occupants are using less energy than predicted
 Arch|Nexus SAC is on-track for Full Living Certification in the minimum amount of time possible
It is well known that the primary reason high performance buildings don't perform as efficiently as designed is because of occupant behavior. Through InHABIT, occupants are fully engaged in maximizing building performance.

 InHABIT is used to deliver LEED O+M and Living Building content designed to educate and inspire occupants. The results are a more informed workforce that helps achieve higher certification levels in record time.

Engaged Occupants will
Accelerate performance periods & certification timelines
Achieve low-cost LEED O+M points
Lower EUI 
Improve waste stream
Reduce single occupancy trips
Advance a culture of sustainability

occupant-driven leed o+m credits
financial benefits of a strong culture
Arch Nexus turn-over under old leadership was 15 – 20%
Turn-over under new leadership with InHABIT is 14%
Turn-over costs an average of $100,000 per employee
If InHABIT helps retain just one employee per year, the program pays for itself multiple times over

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