Sustainability training platforms
for driving financial and environmental impacts
We educate, empower and inspire occupants to make small changes that deliver big results
Engage Employees
Investing in your most valuable asset, your employees, is the best investment you will ever make
Reduce Operating Costs
Engaged employees help reduce energy costs, reduce waste expenses,  and  maximize productivity and innovation
Align Sustainability with Existing Business Priorities
We view ‘Sustainability” not as an added layer– but as a commitment to adhere to best practices that will drive the company’s long term success
Optimize High Performance Buildings
We have custom programs to help you achieve LEED, LBC and WELL Certifications
Engage Employees
Engaging employees on a consistent basis is a major challenge.
Reduce Utility Costs
Mitigating the risks of rising utility costs is vital to maximizing profits.
Enhanced Social Purpose
Your brand and your commitment to social purpose are inseparable.
Optimize High Performance Buildings
Turn Passive Occupants into Active Inhabitants through InHabit.
We help you tell your
powerful CSR story.
Why We do it
It's simple - to give you a competitive edge. 
Sustain3 works with companies who understand that sustainable business practices are critical for long-term value in a resource constrained world.

Companies that connect and communicate engagement in their ranks have created something larger than the sum of its parts – an engaged workplace.

The "whys" of an engaged workplace are many but when it comes to sustainability the results are lower operating costs, higher productivity, empowered innovation, and lower turnover.

Sustain3 provides real time data and stories around sustainability and social purpose. Our platform makes it easy to gather the information you need to tell your powerful CSR story.
Micro-learning modules designed for busy people. Available on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Points, individual and team challenges, leader boards and incentives, help drive participation. 
Financial and environmental impacts of actions taken by employees are measured. 
Participation rates, number activities completed and financial & environmental impacts reported quarterly.
Sustain3 partners with organizations no matter where you are in your sustainability journey. Whether it’s simply getting utility costs in check, engaging your employees , or beginning community initiatives and give-back programs - we will help plan and implement the most effective solution for your organization.
featured clients
"The tools and techniques used by Sustian3 are simple, yet effective and our people enjoy being involved and know that their suggestions are well received."
Jordan Larson - Facilities Manager
"Arch Nexus and Sustain3 have not only partnered together on a number of occupant engagement programs for clients, but I have also asked Bill’s team to help us to engage our own office-inhabitants."
Kenner Kingston - President at Architectural Nexus
"The platform Sustain3 developed is an effective education and engagement tool and has been very well received by Facilities Management and by our building occupants."
Jeff Wrigley - University of Utah Energy Manager
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